• Back-to-school preparations often exclude vaccines in PA

    Pennsylvania had the second-worst vaccination rate in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I digitized eight years of vaccination records to find out why the state was failing. I found that Pennsylvania’s low vaccination rate was not caused by the state’s medical, religious or philosophical exemptions, but because the state allowed students to attend school for up to eight months without having all of their required vaccines. In response to my reporting, the Secretary of Health wrote an op-ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Department of Health changed the provisional period to five days.

  • Tax Calculator: Comparing the House Republicans’ tax plan with Wolf’s

    I compared an ambitious tax proposal from Gov. Tom Wolf with a competing plan from members of the Republican Legislature with an interactive tax calculator. The story also showed how the Republican plan disproportionately benefited school districts with higher median property values while Wolf’s plan provided more property tax relief to poorer school districts. This story was PublicSource’s most republished story in 2015. It was picked up by 15 of our print partners with a combined audience of six million readers.

  • OSHA no match for workplace dangers that kill thousands

    Using the OSHA database on IRE’s website, I worked on the data portion of this Sunday A1 story about the dangerous work of cleaning industrial tanks. Starting with two Texas companies, I went through the OSHA database and identified companies in this tank cleaning sub-industry across multiple NAICS codes. At the end of my work, I gave the reporter a spreadsheet with companies, specific workplace accidents and summary statistics. He ran with those leads to proceed a fantastic feature story.

  • Koch millions spread influence through nonprofits, colleges

    This is the main overview story of our findings from a two-year study of the political, educational, and charitable presence of Charles and David Koch. During the five-year period we studied from 2007 to 2011, the total giving from the Kochs and their private foundations exceeded $134 million. The Koch Club was published in conjunction with Jane Mayer at The New Yorker, picked up by The Huffington Post, Esquire’s politics blog, and Salon among others, and was written up by the Columbia Journalism Review as a reminder to political journalists that campaign committee fundraising continues to be marginalized.

  • A Tale of Two Mules

    This magazine feature tells the rich history of mules in Missouri and was named the 2011 Best Non-Fiction Magazine Article by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Mystery donor group fuels attack ads in PA Supreme Court race

I broke the identity of a group that had contributed more than $500,000 to air attack ads in the 2015 Pennsylvania Supreme Court race. It turns out that the same people running this group were behind another group — Pennsylvanians for Accountability — that PublicSource investigated a couple years ago. We were able to report the identity of this group days before the election, giving out readers important information to consider before voting.